PowerCo Fitness Complex & Event Center

…a revolution in the fitness industry

PowerCo Fitness Complex & Event Center

Current Project – 38,500sf on 2.71 acres

PowerCo Fitness Complex and Event Center

The right concept, at the right time, and in the right location.

PowerCo Development Group, LLC (“PowerCo Development”) plans to shake up the fitness industry with the Indoor/Outdoor/Event Center concept.

PowerCo Development is pursuing the development of a 30,000 square foot steel-frame, flex warehouse commercial building, with an approximately 8,500 square foot mezzanine, on 2.71 acres, to deliver a best-in-class, indoor/outdoor elite training complex and event center to serve identified underserved market demand segments in Albuquerque, NM. PowerCo Fitness Complex and Event Center (“PowerCo Fitness”), is expected to offer a wide spectrum of advanced training solutions that can be individually tailored to create a boutique experience at a competitive price point, all in one location.

Designed to serve approximately 4,500 customers with construction beginning December 2020, PowerCo Fitness target markets, specifically, youth performance, Obstacle Course Racing, position specific athletic training and high-performing, multi-disciplinary competitive athletes, are currently underserved in Albuquerque. Our target customer often holds multiple gym memberships to address all of their training needs. PowerCo Fitness will leverage technology and self-powered equipment to drive operational efficiencies, reduce variable and equipment replacement cost, and more importantly, to allow members to train how they want, and when they want.

PowerCo Development aims to develop and operate Flex Warehouse properties to deliver state-of-the-art athletic training facilities to underserved market segments throughout the United States.

PowerCo Development Group, LLC

Developing Flex Warehouse for Olympic-style training facilities.

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Flex Warehouse Space meets Olympic-style Training Complex

Premiere locations, thorough demographic and traffic flow analysis, exceptional design, quality construction and elegant finishes will be the hallmark of every Flex Warehouse that houses PowerCo Fitness Complex training centers. The end result will be a world-class, indoor/outdoor training facility that is expected to be unmatched in versatility.

We understand market demand shifts and the current demand for quality Flex Warehouse space. Our design-build concepts allows us to seamlessly convert our buildings into a distribution center.

With no center support, our planned main 30,000sf floor space and 8,500sf mezzanine is an ideal distribution warehouse so our investors and partners always have a financial backstop.

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